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PS3 Problems: Modern Warfare 2 and new firmware update

PlayStation 3 forums are advising those to hold off purchasing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 as well as updating to the latest firmware until Sony has fixed the serious issue with the game. There are a number of reasons why there is this problem with the first-person shooter, but most are putting it down to the latest firmware update.

The problem occurs for those who are playing Modern Warfare 2 and are running firmware 3.10 or later. It seems that the two together do not mix well, problems include the PlayStation 3 freezing or in some cases the Blu-ray drive will stop working.

As you can imagine gamers are not happy, some have even gone out to purchase a new PS3 Slim console in the hope of solving the issue. Gamers had hoped that Sony would have issued a statement, but there has been no official response as yet.

The latest firmware update is not only affecting Modern Warfare 2, but other titles as well. This is why gamers believe that the software update has affected the Blu-ray drives. Looking at PlayStation Forums, one member suggests that you should back up your PS3, just in case it decides to die on you.

Have you been experiencing any trouble with Modern Warfare 2 or your PS3 in general?



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