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New Apple iPhone OS: Microsoft Bing not Google

When it comes to Apple and Microsoft, we know that there is no loved lost, but are they about to make nice again like they did when iTunes was first launched. It looks as though the new iPhone OS could do away with the Google search engine and replace it with Bing.

According to BusinessWeek, talks between the two companies have been going on for weeks now, but is Apple putting their differences with Google in the way of what iPhone users want? We understand that both are now competing in the same markets, such as computer and cell phone operating systems and now in the handset market.

Google now has the Nexus One smartphone, which was developed to compete with the iPhone. Apple need not worry about that, as sales of the first Google-branded phone have been very poor. However, Apple knows that Google Android phones, as a whole is a real threat.

Apple does not like the idea that their once close friends, Google are now muscling in on them. This has to be the reason why the iPhone maker wants to now partner with Microsoft. However, this is certainly a strange move as they too are competing with them, maybe Apple see Google as a bigger threat.

There are a number of ways that Apple could implement Bing as the search engine for its iPhone, they could ask for users to change settings on the handset or just wait until a new iPhone OS gets released, such as 4.0.



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