iPhone OS 4.0: Multi-tasking, is it Essential?

By Jamie Pert - Jan 20, 2010

When rivaling handsets to the iPhone 3GS are compared to each-other there are often many pro’s and con’s listed, however one consistent con for all Apple iPhone OS devices is that multi-tasking is not possible.

One advantage of a device that doesn’t multi-task is that it should always be running at its optimum speed (as there are less applications utilizing RAM and processing power), however with all of the advanced hardware within today’s high-end smartphones perhaps Apple should start to think about multi-tasking in future iPhone OS versions.

At the moment Apple’s answer to multi-tasking is push notifications, although push notifications are better for a handset’s battery life they are reliant on data connections, not only this but they offer quite restricted functionality.

Do you think that Apple should treat multi-tasking as a priority whilst developing iPhone OS 4.0?

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  • Seriously, i think multi-tasking(full-fledged) is not necessary on mobile Devices.Moderate multi-tasking as in iPhone, is more than enough in mobile Devices.

    Multi-tasking WILL effect performance and battery life of mobile devices!!
    Does m-tasking worth this sacrifice in speed and battery life??

    I THINK NO..

  • With all the talk about the iSlate the iPhone has been left out of the media, I’m curious to see what some of the new features the iPhone 4 will have.