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iPhone on Verizon and AT&T’s $5 billion catch up

We know that AT&T does not have the same quality of wireless network as rivals Verizon, and it has been suggested that it would take $5 billion for them to get anywhere close to the same kind of coverage. Would this latest report from TownHall Investment Research do anything to help Verizon get the iPhone, only time will tell.

It is no secret that AT&T’s network is inferior to Verizon’s or even Sprint Nextel’s. According to PC World, the financial research firm has now reduced its rating of AT&T, something that will not go down well with the company or its users.

We know that AT&T still has an exclusive deal with Apple to sell the iPhone, but the constant rumors suggest that this will come to an end in the summer, with a CDMA version of the iPhone being offered to Verizon customers.

The current deal that AT&T has with Apple has certainly served its purpose, but if the iPhone maker wants to keep fighting off the likes of Google Android based smartphones, then they are going to need a fresh batch of customers, joining Verizon Wireless will do just that.

AT&T has spent $21.6 billion on its network compared to Verizon’s $25.4 billion. It is clear who is offering more commitment, spending $353 per customer, compared with AT&T’s $308. Sprint has pumped in $16 billion; this works out to $310 per customer, beating AT&T by $2.

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