IPhone 4G: Top 10 rumors for new 2010 apple phone

By Peter Chubb - Jan 20, 2010

As we get closer to the Apple Press Event, which is taking place on January 27, 2010, there is more speculation on the new iPhone 4G. Many believe that Apple will unveil the new 4th generation of the smartphone next week, but we do not see it happening. Anyway, we thought we would update our readers to the top 10 rumors so far.

Top Ten Mobile Phones has been doing some digging and found what are thought to be the most credible rumors on the Apple iPhone 4G. Some of them are more believable than others, but only time will tell.

The first is the rumor of a 5-megapixel camera with flash. This could happen and would put it on par with the camera on the Google Nexus One. The rumor of the early launch date, with many suggesting April or May is a bit of a stretch if you ask us.

The third rumor is suggestions of an OLED screen, this was meant to appear on the iPhone 3GS so could certainly make it to the 2010 model. The idea of a removable battery does not look likely, if they do not do it on their MacBook Air, then it will not make it to the iPhone 4G.

The rumor of a choice of colors apart from black or white has been doing the rounds of late; the jury is out on this one. It has been said that the new iPhone will offer 4G support, not too sure on this as networks are a long way off from offering this service to the masses.

Longer battery life is something that iPhone users have been complaining for since the release of the first model back in 2007. Apple has offered slight upgrades to the iPhone battery, but nothing significant.

We recently reported that the iPhone 4G will come with a dual core processor, we just wonder how Apple can increase battery life with a CPU that will suck all the power from it. The final and most promising rumor is 64GB of memory, Toshiba has announced that they have released a new 32GB NAND flash memory, so is certain to make it to the iPhone 4G.

What else would you like to see on the new 2010 Apple iPhone?

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  • Gulshan Kumar

    Dear Sir ,
    I want this phone ASAP. Payment i will same extra but please send me first phone in india for me.

    Gulshan Kumar

    • not

      are you kidding me??????????????

    • iBeck

      LOL. This is a joke, right? Hhahaha I'd laugh (again) if it were a real request…

  • Wilder

    I wish:
    * 8 mp camera, better optic and stronger in low-light (better ISO)
    * stereo loudspeakers!
    * better microphone (right now it's like hell when talking with another iPhone, means 2 awful mics).
    * better wordbook control
    * possible to save e-mail attachment
    * edit Word docs, save docs, attaching more docs and mail them to several persons
    * easy solution to transfer photos from camera roll to PC (today you can't even sync with itunes??)

  • Mable

    how about zoom for their camera and video

  • Pumpus

    how about blooming contact grouping damb it. i run an art school and i have to enter everyone's number in individually if i want to send 1 class a txt its ridiculous.

  • Mark

    How about allowing T-Mobile’s frequencies so 3G would be reality. We know it can be done with minimal effort on Apple’s part.
    Share the wealth I say!

  • Tony UK

    I would like to be able to stop my hangover and make me breakfast in the morning, not being greedy and wanting a full cooked breakfast, just some thing like coffee and toast

  • dubious iphone fan

    How about downloadable attachments…

    Its frustrating to have apps that can fax without the capacity to actually forward an pdf or other attached file in the fax

  • Juna

    BBM like feature!! so we can have chat conferences!!!! please apple!!!!

  • Jim

    If there's one thing I want to see on the next iPhone, it would be….


  • CMS

    MULTI-TASKING FOR THE LOVE OF GOD! Make it official so I don't have to jail break. For all the multi-tasking naysayers, listening to a radio app and replying to the text without shutting the radio app down would be nice. Running a GPS recorder and streaming from pandora on a run or bike ride is really nice, but I'm jailbroken to do it.

  • hater

    android 2.0 OS

    • mocking the hater

      LOL… dumbass….

    • laughing at hater

      ROFL.. epic!

    • that guy

      that's Google! why would Apple support that?

  • jeff


  • Greg

    A larger screen!

    Personally, I’m in favor of a fine-point stylus option as well. The current iPhone & iPad only allow you to do fingerpainting, which is fine for some things, but not for drawing fine details (or writing equations and making figures), which would be useful for scientists, teachers, students, artists, and many others. (I know one can use an Pogo stylus with an iPhone & iPad, but the tip is so thick it’s still like using a crayon.)

    • Ace

      you just got your larger screen with an iPad!

  • Simon

    Full bluetooth functions would be great. and not having to go in and out of apps to run others. a coffe machine would be cool……………

  • Serjio

    Flash support for the new iphone is a must!!!
    Without it I would consider to buy another smart phone with flash support…

  • Kimberly R

    I would like the new iPhone to support flash, so I can see some of my favorite sites.

  • Andy


    FYI – recording of phone conversations (in a non-LE environment) without the other parties knowledge or consent may constitute a federal violation…..and you can do some time for that one. Not really a matter of blah blah blah 😉

    • Svend

      Good thing I live in Denmark! It’s fully legal 😀

      • He


  • Jesse

    I’d like to be apple to play the Facebook Adobe Flash games on the Iphone.

    • fooflame

      that would be up to apple first to allow flash on the iphone

      and then it would be up to you to either go on the full version of facebook, or up to facebook to integrate it into their app. which would be nice.

      • Michael

        Not going to happen thats a business move. It's no surprise Apple likes to bully around assuming all they create is top and no other competitors matter. Apple owns Quick Time which is in direct competition to Adobe Flash. Not to mention Steve Jobs personal grudge against the Flash design.

  • J

    New iPhone should get adobe flash for websites

  • Jason

    I would like to see nvidia’s tegra in the new iPhone!!! now THAT would make a longer battery life but still retain dual cores

  • deio

    An API to access the phone audio channel would be nice. This would be used by app developers to write phone conversation recording apps. Yes, I know, some states don’t allow the recording of phone conversations, some states require both parties to be notified, bla bla, but the truth is that some countries and some states allow it so the phone should permit on-board software to do it. Right now the only way for an app to record a phone conversation is by switching on the speakerphone and recording through the microphone. While this works well, it is annoying to use the speakerphone all the time and there are times when the user might want to have a private conversation without broadcasting it to the entire room. So an API for apps to access the phone audio channel would be very welsome.