iPhone 4.0: Only Available for 3G and 3GS

By Jamie Pert - Jan 20, 2010

Although Apple’s event next week looks set to unveil Apple’s iSlate there are rumors suggesting that they may also unveil iPhone OS 4.0 aswell.

The latest rumors surrounding this upcoming OS version may leave some iPhone owners feeling a little disgruntled, this is because it seems as if iPhone OS 4.0 will only be available for iPhone 3GM 3GS and newer.

Therefore those of you still happily running the original iPhone will not be able to install this OS version, which means all the neat new features, tweaks, security improvements etc will not be available.

The original iPhone was released in June 2007, therefore in my opinion it is a good that Apple have supported it this long, for more information check out SlashGear.

Are you disappointed to hear that iPhone OS 4.0 may not be available for the original iPhone?

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  • Jamie Pert

    As time goes by software requires more advanced hardware to unlock its full potential, therefore I feel it is ‘completely understandable’ that Apple’s future OS versions may not run on near on 3 year old hardware.

  • Jv-assassin12

    … completely understandable!! why ?? well simple its just to get people to buy a new iphone or if you can affort to buy the 04 then you will still need to upgrade to 3gs to get the same features!!