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Google Nexus One: What would Steve Jobs Do?

The Google Nexus One is just over two weeks old now and it is no secret that sales have been poor to say the least. The handset is nice looking, but it does not have any of that wow factor like the Apple iPhone did back in 2007. So how could Google have done any different and what would Steve Jobs have done?

BusinessWeek said that even the Nexus One launch event was a boring one, unlike the “cool and confident” one from Steve Jobs almost three years ago. Google’s presentation was so boring, many of us could have easily fell asleep, things got even worse when the slide show started.

The speakers did not feel comfortable on stage, this could clearly be heard by the number of ums” and “ahs”. Steve Jobs has never been that sloppy, which is why Apple fans were praying that he came back.

Jobs would not have gone for the overhead projector; he would have gone with the rich multimedia. The Apple CEO would have also used a video feed from the phone instead of a desktop magnification device. Another problem is how the images were black and white, making the Nexus One look older than what it is.

Even before Steve Jobs announced the launch of the iPhone he built up the suspense, this is something that the Google event lacked. We cannot wait to see if he will be staging the Apple Press Event next week, lets hope he does.



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