Follow Bill Gates on Twitter and Facebook: His First Tweet

Microsoft’s Bill Gates has joined the millions of people on Twitter and Facebook. He has only been Tweeting for a matter of hours and is already one of the most popular on the microblogging website. His first Tweet was sent on Tuesday, where he said “Hello World.”

According to SFGate, it was Biz Stone, the co-founder of Twitter who noticed the entrance of Gates, from midday until 5:50 p.m.; his followers had already reached 76,000 and were still climbing. With each minute that passed his followers were increasing.

As we know, Bill Gates does a lot of work for charity, so came as no surprise when he re-tweeted Ryan Seacrest’s message. The “American Idol” host was talking about the money that had been raised for the Haitian earthquake relief.

The Microsoft founder also gave thanks to Ashton Kutcher for welcoming him to Twitter, the actor has 4.3 million followers. Gates said that he has a lot to learn about Twitter, but he did add that he is looking forward to sharing more with his followers.

Bill Gates has now started up his Facebook again, the last time he updated his account was when he went to India last year. Keep up will Bill Gates on Twitter.



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