Bill Gates on Twitter: Over 151,000 followers in hours

We reported this morning that former Microsoft boss Bill Gates had joined Twitter, what we did not tell you is how he reached over 151,000 followers in hours. Looking at these numbers, he is set to become the most popular member of the microblogging website.

The 151,000 followers was achieved in the first 13 hours of creating his account, his first words typed were, “Hello World.” Gates is currently following 40 people on Twitter, with Ashley Tisdale being one of them. According to BBC News, Queen Rania of Jordan is another.

The first five hours were the craziest for Gates, hitting 100,000 followers, which works out to 12,500 new followers per hour or 208 per minute. These numbers were boosted after Caroline Mizumoto tweeted about it, so we are really looking at 20,000 new Twitter followers per hour.

Bill Gates stepped down from his position in Microsoft in 2008 so that he could spend more time with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, he will use Twitter as a platform to share the things that he learns through his charity work.

Will you be following Bill Gates on Twitter?



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