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Apple’s App Store: Proof of Dominance

It is no secret that Apple’s App Store is the most successful of all of the applications stores available today, however I wasn’t aware of just how dominant they were.

Despite Palm’s App Catalog, Nokia’s Ovi Store, RIM’s App World, and Google’s Android Market it has recently been stated that Apple have a 99.4% market share when it comes to App downloads.

The last year has been absolutely huge for application developers, however I thought that rivaling stores would have more then a 0.6% market share in total.

In 2009 Apple users are said to have downloaded 2.5 billion applications in total, this pushed Apple past their ‘3 billion app downloads’ milestone.

2010 is going to be huge for company’s application stores, and I do not think that Apple will be this dominant this time round, especially with the ever-growing popularity of the Android platform and the improvements being made to Nokia’s Ovi Store, for more information check out HotHardware.



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