YouTube Down: Was it hacked by Iranian Cyber Army?

By Jamie Pert - Jan 19, 2010

When a site as popular as YouTube goes down there is usually a major reason behind it, it is thought that YouTube may have suffered ‘downtime issues‘ due to a hacking attack by the Iranian Cyber Army.

Google who also own YouTube have had a hectic week or so, not long ago they stopped censoring Google searches in China due to a separate hacking attempt.

It is thought that users in the US, Britain and Australia experienced problems accessing YouTube, reported “YouTube is currently experiencing some downtime issues, reporting a “Http/1.1 Service Unavailable” error or a a 500 Internal Server error. It’s been going on for approximately 20 minutes, and Twitter is already abuzz about the downtime”.

Google have not released any official reason behind the downtime, however it will be interesting to hear whether this was due to another hacking attempt or perhaps just a server-related problem.

To find out more check out’s detailed article.

Did you experience the YouTube downtime? If so, when did this occur? (Remember to state what country you were accessing the site from).

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  • We’ve been having loads of problems with uploading content to YouTube in the last 24 hours which is still persisting. Anyone else still having problems?