Sky Player on PS3: Would u want it?

Sky Player for the Xbox 360 was made available in the UK in October, with Sony PS3 users left wondering when they will see the service. When the service was launched, Sky did announce that it could come to the PlayStation 3, but the question is, would you want it?

It certainly seems that when it comes to online content, the Xbox 360 is winning the games console war. We know that the PS3 offers content from the BBC iPlayer, but that is not in the same league as Sky.

It is no secret that Sky would love to offer its service to all the games consoles, with the PS3 being more of a possibility than the Nintendo Wii, which is about to get Netflix streaming.

There is so much more to come from the PS3, we just need Sony to sit down with future content providers such as Sky and agree a deal. We are certain that the Sky Player would be welcome by most users, but are you one of them?

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