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Office 2010: Software and cloud based alternatives

As we all wait for the upcoming release of Office 2010, what are the cloud based alternatives to Microsoft’s premium software? The thing is, there are a number of consumers and business users out there who are not willing to pay the price for Office 2010 or even the current 2007 version.

It is no secret that when it comes to this Office software, Microsoft have worked hard to offer some of the latest features, all designed to give you a helping hand. However, we all know that the future is not in software that you have to purchase and install, but in cloud-based solutions instead.

The biggest decision why people will stay clear of Office 2010 is its price, it seems as though Microsoft have not listened to its customers. Other users are saying that the new 2010 version is very complex and will be very hard to use, most people look for simplicity.

Office 2010 has no feature to change back to the old 2007 menu system, the new ribbon menu can be a pain to use, not great if you are an inexperienced user to computers as a whole. So why has the software giant got it so wrong?

According to TechReviewSource, there are some cloud-based alternatives; these include OpenOffice and Google Docs. Let us know if you have any other alternative.



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