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iPhone 4G Release: Wintek 2010 strike could delay launch

A day does not go by with a new piece of news on the rumored iPhone 4G, the latest is that the early 2010 release of the handset could be delayed due to a Wintek strike. Latest rumors suggest that the new handset from Apple would be released as early as April or May.

China’s Wintek Corporation, who is the largest maker of touchscreens for smartphones has now gone on strike, this could have a huge affect on the launch of the 4th generation iPhone. We now wait to hear how long the strike is to go on for.

According to digitaljournal, 2,000 workers were causing mayhem outside a factory in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, they were seen smashing cars as well as factory facilities. They have an issue with their current working conditions, saying that it is a toxic working environment.

According to China Daily, these working conditions have been hidden from the public; people have even died from the toxic fumes. One worker has suggested that at least four of his colleges have died at the plant, this was due to overexposure to hexane, this chemical is known to cause harm to the body’s nervous system.

If these reports are true, then Apple will have to rethink who they purchase their parts from.



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