iPhone 3G and 4G Coverage: When will we be ready?

By Peter Chubb - Jan 19, 2010

The iPhone that we currently use now is the 3GS; this handset uses 3G technology to gain access to the Internet when not connected to a wireless network. However, there are reports that the new iPhone 4G will offer LTE support. We know that the 4G on the new 2010 iPhone means the 4th generation of the handset, but could it really come with LTE and are we ready for it?

As we mentioned, 3G is today’s standard for most cell phones, but even they struggle to get a connection, you only have to look at the recent arguments between AT&T and Verizon to understand what we are talking about.

We have to wonder why the likes of Verizon and AT&T are looking into LTE even though they often struggle to offer a 3G service, with the latter having more trouble than the former. We know that 4G is the way forward but most small towns will not benefit from it, so are they really bothered about a new iPhone that has 4G support?

There is to be two technologies competing with each other, WiMax and LTE (Long Term Evolution), both are considered to be the next generation in wireless networks. Both are alike but are very different in how they approach the technology.

WiMax is already available so has a head start on LTE, but as the latter offers GSM support it is considered to be the favored choice. The question is, when will we be ready for a 4G / LTE version of the iPhone?

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