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Internet Explorer 6 (IE6): Why the web browser must die?

Who would have thought that 15 to 25 percent of people on the web still use Internet Explorer 6, this browser software is now ten years old and it is no secret that a number of websites has the hates for IE6. They have asked for Microsoft to kill off the browser.

It seems that there are fresh calls for Internet Explorer 6 to be axed once again; this was due to a vulnerability being found, one that could attack Google’s infrastructure with a little help from some Chinese hackers. This has to be the perfect reason for IE6 to die.

If you know someone who is still using the old browser and do not feel the need to upgrade to a newer version, here are five reasons you can give them. Mashable hopes that it works, as we need to get rid of the old beast.

The first thing you need to tell them is that your security or the security of your company is at risk. Yahoo already came under attack, so there is no reason why you would not. Governments from around the world has been advising for us to change our browsers, France and Germany are both telling us to stay away from Internet Explorer all together.

The third reason is the fact that Microsoft wants you to stop using IE6; the fourth is that you can still upgrade your browser without upgrading your OS, so you can still stick with XP. The last reason is that this will not be the last security breach on IE6, so it is best to get out now.



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