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Google Wave vs. current crop of web-based collaboration offerings

Google Wave is a very popular tool, but what is it like compared to other web-based collaboration offerings? We know that Wave has a combination of a number of features, these include Google Docs, email, IM and much more all of which has its own twist on things.

If you head over to, they have a feature-by-feature table, that way you can compare Google Wave against the rest of them. Looking at the table you will see that Google Wave does not have a tick in every box, there are still a few features missing.

Some of these missing features include not being able to export a wave or even publish it. This table is the first part of the “The Complete Guide to Google Wave”; it is certainly worth a look, as you will learn a lot from it.

The guide will cost $6 and will allow you to learn all there is to know about Google Wave, this will make it much easier when you want to do things with your group. The paid version is for you to print, but you can gain access to a free online version to read from your computer.



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