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Google Earth and Maps for teaching maths

When it comes to using Google Earth, we are all guilty of thinking that it is a great tool for having fun exploring the globe from the comfort of your own home. However, would you believe that the Google Maps is now being used to help teach students maths in school.

One student had noticed that when viewing people’s gardens in Google Earth after switching to satellite view, they were all different in shape. He then saved the maps in his account and then tagged the gardens so that he could study their different “acute and obtuse angles”.

According to the Guardian, he named it Shapes in Paris” he then asked his teachers for more ideas on this. The response to his request was amazing; colors were added along with tags and suitable age groups for future lessons.

The teachers then came up with a number of lesson ideas, these included observing the angles, asking children to recreate buildings, they can do this by using blocks. They can even identify different shapes by looking at swimming pools; this can be done by changing over to Street View.

Do you think that using Google Earth and Maps is a great way to study math’s, it certainly adds fun to teaching?

Google Earth is even helping with the relief effort in Haiti, as aid organizations can see what areas are affected most.



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