Chrysler Recall Over Brakes: Dodge and Jeep included

By Peter Chubb - Jan 19, 2010

The Chrysler Group has not got of to a great start to 2010, the automaker are recalling 24,000 of their Dodge and Jeep vehicles. The reason behind the recall is due a defective part, this could then cause the brakes could fail.

This latest recall will not be good news to those who own certain 2009 and 2010 models, which you can get a full list of from CNN Money. These include, Grand Cherokee SUVs, Chrysler Sebring, and Dodge Avenger’s and Nitro’s.

The defective part is a rod-retaining clip on the brake booster, it seem that it has been fitted incorrectly. There are even reports that in some Ram trucks, the part has not even been fitted. As you can imagine this is a serious safety risk, one that needs addressing fast.

Thankfully there has not been any accidents relating to the brake issue, but the automaker is working closely with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to put this recall in to action fast. The problem was not spotted by an owner of one of the affected vehicles, but by Chrysler factory workers.

While at a factory in Mexico, a Dodge Ram was undergoing a brake test when it experienced a complete loss of brake power. Another worker at a different plant noticed that a couple of models had a malformed clip on the brake booster. For more details on this recall call NHTSA on 888-327-4236 or Chrysler at 800-853-1403

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  • Vulture

    Yeah, My 1994 Dakota has had brake problems from day 1.
    Calipers hang and warp the rotors.
    Solved the rotor problem by replacing with AMERICAN made rotors.

    Calipers still hanging though, Just replaced everything on all four wheels, rear wheel cylinders, shoes and new hardware, both calipers, pads and hoses,because the one on the front drivers side seized, now, the new one on the passenger side just seized.

    I'm buyin' Toyota's from now on!

    • tony

      I have an 2002 with the same thing happening. found there are pits on the spindle assembly where the brake pads ride. This puts the calipers into a bind when you apply the breaks. dodge dealer just replaces the calipers but doesn't address the base cause. the spindle assembly casting ($900 per side) is softer than the metal backing on the brake pad. when the brake pad gouges into the assembly it creates binding issues over time. To correct the issue would mean a complete redesign (very costly).

  • Megan

    Does anyone know if a TSB (technical service bulletin) was issued to the dealers about this problem telling them to fix it quietly?

  • Sherri

    My Sebring is stuck in park

  • Ken

    I have a 2001 PT Cruiser, 112,000 miles and still original brakes

  • Henry

    I have a 2008 dodge caravan and the brakes on it has been re placed 6 times already

  • dee

    are there any pacificas with problems

  • Charles Kane

    My 2001 Dodge quad cab has seizing front disk brakes. After occuring again after replacing the calibers i checked the internet for info. To no surprise there are multiple stories of similar problems. The dodge dealer does not admit that there is a systemic problem. Thanks Dodge, i will steer clear of your vehicles in the future.

  • mike

    I also have a 2003 jeep grand cherokee with the same brake and rotor problem.

  • Dan

    Hey, why isn’t this making national news? A brake problem on a vehicle is serious biz. Oh, yea, OMAMA Motors, sorry, must have had a brain freeze.

  • Tony, NY

    Typical Chrysler and Dodge garbage. My 2003 Grand Cherokee has had brake problems from new. Inferior rotors and pads from China warp after just 8000 to 9000 miles of driving (highway miles to boot).

    • Susan Wetherell

      Tony from NY is absolutely right. I have a 2002 Grand Cherokee and can not tell you how many sets of brakes (including rotors) I have had to put on my Jeep since it was just a year old. It has been a continuing problem and Chrysler has done nothing to correct it.

      • JB

        I have had many Jeep and Chrysler vehicles and never had an issue with brakes. All I can say is that at least they own up to the responsibility of a recall before it is an issue with the public.

        I hope that events like this don’t hurt American companies. In this new world economy it is hard to keep competitive when stockholders demand more and more profits and the result is outsourcing to cheaper and inferior products.