Vodafone UK iPhone vs. Nexus One: Sales Review

By Peter Chubb - Jan 18, 2010

Last week we gave you those first sales figures for the Google Nexus One, if you thought that they were poor, then they look much worse compared to the release of the iPhone on Vodafone UK. Although the network is now the fourth to sell the iPhone 3GS in the UK, do not think that it has lost any of its appeal.

The iPhone 3GS has now been available for 6 months, but Vodafone customers are now getting their chance to own the world’s most popular handset, 50,000 were pre-ordered before it had even launched.

You have to wonder how 6-month old technology is able to outsell new technology from Google by two-and-a-half times in just one day. However, according to The Next Web, Google has a number of things going against it, the nexus One is only available in the U.S. on the T-Mobile network as well as an unlocked version.

The Google Nexus One will only be available to four countries, and because you have to purchase the handset online, people do not want to purchase a new phone without seeing and touching it for themselves. This is not the launch that Google had envisaged with the Nexus One.

The Next Web believes that Google should have built up pre-orders before release and allowed people to see review units in store. One thing is certain, Vodafone in the UK selling more units of the 6-month old iPhone compared to the one-week old Nexus One is great news for when Apple launch the new iPhone 4G, which is rumored to be launched in the first half of 2010.

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  • anon

    “One thing is certain, Vodafone in the UK selling more units of the 6-month old iPhone compared to the one-week old Nexus One”

    So how long have Vodafone been selling the Nexus One in the UK?


  • Paul

    I think google are missing the point here, I understand the test country strategy but there are ALOT of people in the uk wanting to buy it but don’t want to pay import tax and duty bringing the price upto 450 pounds or pay the 599 pounds its selling for on play. They want it on contract or selling sim free in their own country not in US then sent via some random countries to the UK. There should be no reason for not putting it on sale…Vodafone are never going to push for a fast release on contract when they want to get the most of their iphone sales. They are going to wait till it dies down then put the nexus one on sale…by which point alot of nexus fans would have given up waiting. 🙁 shame as I was looking forward to getting one but don’t fancy the long wait

  • Samir Shah

    How the hell did you even come up with a comparison like that? stop misleading people you freaks ! iPhone is an older phone, people have been using it for a while now, they know what it feels like, they like it, some people have gotten used to it, hence the upgrade to the new iphone lineups. On the contrary, Nexus One just launched, not a lot of people have held it in their hands, its not available outside the list of 4 countries, its only available online in america and no where else. So basically you cant compare such a thing because its not at all a fair fight. If you people remember, iPhone on its first launch was also locked with a specific company, i dont remember which one but it was. So compare it with that and it should be a fair fight. Use your brains Doofuses !

  • Gill Bates

    How you can even compare these sale figures is beyond me. Talk about comparing Apples & Oranges (no pun intended), you’re comparing completely different sales models and of course iPhone sales through Vodafone are higher than the Nexus one. Vodafone doesn’t sell the Nexus One yet! Any other comparison is invalid.