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Verizon iPhone: Possibly 2010 phone found in screenshot

Rumors of a Verizon iPhone has been ongoing for months if not years, but there now seems to be evidence that one is on its way. Electronista has an article on their website, which shows a screen capture of an iPhone on Verizon. However, they have offered no more information, which leads us to believe that this could be a hoax.

The screenshot that has been made available does not give much away, and looks as though a ten-year old could have knocked it up on Photo Shop. If screenshot is true, then this is the first sign that a CDMA and not a GSM version could be on its way. If Nokia were jealous of how popular the iPhone was now, just think how they would react once Verizon would be allowed to sell it as well?

Electronista points at that on the status bar of most Verizon handsets it reads “Verizon Wireless,” but this would not be the case with the iPhone, as there is not enough space. As you can see, this is just what we see on this screenshot. We are not holding our breath on this one, but it is something to get exited about.

The AT&T iPhone exclusivity deal is due to end in the summer, and there are mixed news reports that say that Verizon are getting the top selling smartphone however, some say that the AT&T deal will be extended yet again.

Verizon has been in negotiations with Apple for some time now, they have discussed pricing, how to implement a CDMA version and why the carrier wants to support its V Cast instead of the App Store. It seems that with all the news available to us, Apple has a great team in charge of maintaining secrets.



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