Verizon and AT&T New Fees: Data Usage Still a Concern

By Peter Chubb - Jan 18, 2010

We recently reported that Verizon had lowered its rates on Friday, with AT&T following suit shortly after. The former had said that they would cut prices on its voice plans by at least 30 percent, which is just what AT&T did. However, it seems as though the pair has lost sight of what is important, and that is to cut data rates, as the high usage is still a concern.

On Friday Verizon Wireless reduced its unlimited voice by $30, giving us a new price of $69.99. If you wish this plan to include SMS, then it will now cost $89.99. Unlimited data will cost you extra again. AT&T responded by offering unlimited voice and data for just $99.99, that’s a saving of $30 of the usual monthly price.

Smaller companies have been involved in a pricing war for some time, but AT&T and Verizon have stayed out of it, and their customers did not seem to mind. According to an article from Reuters, customers were happy to pay the higher prices as they felt they were getting a better service than they would from one of the smaller carriers.

The lower prices from AT&T and Verizon come as a shock to most, this is because we were under the illusion that they were looking for ways to reduce the amount of data being used, and this latest move looks to have made things much worse.

These new fees have done nothing to help share prices, AT&T ended 1.5 percent lower on Friday and Verizon were down by 2.1%.

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