Verizon and Apple iPhone 4G: Joining hands in 2010?

By Peter Chubb - Jan 19, 2010

There is no shortage of news when it comes to the new Apple iPhone 4G, and the constant reports that Verizon are to team up with the Cupertino based company. We know that the exclusivity deal with AT&T is due to end in the summer, so will we see Apple and Verizon joining hands in 2010?

Phones Review said that the Verizon network is not ready just yet for the iPhone. The funny thing is, Apple did go to Verizon first but it seems that they had too many demands for them, which is why AT&T got and still has the deal with the iPhone.

It certainly seems as though history is repeating itself, Verizon and Apple are holding price negotiations, but the carrier is thought to be asking too much per handset as well as wanting to stick with its V Cast Store instead of embracing Apple’s App Store.

You would have thought that Verizon would be doing all they can to get a deal with Apple and its iPhone; after all, it is the best selling handset on the market. No matter what new smartphone is launched, none of them can compete with the iPhone 3GS.

Verizon recently launched the Motorola Droid; sales have not made a dent in the iPhone 3GS. Google launched its Nexus One; its sales have been laughably. Just imagine what sales will be like for the rumored iPhone 4G, which is rumored to be released in the first part of this year.

Apple are in a difficult position, they would love to increase sales by offering the iPhone to Verizon, but how could they lower the price, they would have to do the same for AT&T. Then again, this could increase sales even further.

Do you think we will see a Verizon iPhone 3GS or 4G in 2010?

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  • Tyler

    There are many who believe that the new HTC Droid is comparable and in many ways ahead of the iPhone (e.g., Google Sky Map is simply out of this world; Google maps/navigation with actual road pictures; 8 megapixel camera…). I do not know, but I am waiting for the NY Times comparison review due any day now.

  • I think Iphone is The Greatest Phone in The world right now and i hope Verizon gets it soon because they have the best Network and With the Iphone they will Kick AT & T to the Side.. Iphone Rocks and Read my Lips is the Greatest Phone in The world… Cg Nze /

  • Luca

    I am already online for the verizon iPhone, I have been waiting for years for it. I hate AT&T and won’t get it unless it’s on the verizon network

  • Haley

    I really think that Verizon sucks overall & i'd like to see the iPhone go to T-Mobile. Or if not, then im going to switch to AT&T to get the new iPhone 4G if they keep it with AT&T. So, hopefully they dont go to Verizon at all.

  • Tania

    I was looking for a new phone at Verizon today and yes the Moto Droid is a nice phone, but really, nothing compares to the ease of the Iphone. C’mon Verizon, get it together. I’ll be making a switch when my contract runs out in September if they don’t have it by then.

  • My contract with Verizon have been up for about a year. I have been holding out for iPhone to come to Verizon since it hit the market.

    Everyone I know has bought those sorry rip off, so called iPhone killers and they all suck. I really hope this comes true. It would be so nice to finally have a phone that works seamlessly with everything else I own. Yes I am a mac user all the way around.

  • paul

    Why would VZW demand V Cast on the Iphone, when the VZW Android phones have none.

    Apple demands a chunk of everyone’s AT&T bill. Maybe VZW wanted to keep that to build out a network? So AT&T got a network hog and a profit skim to Apple. No wonder VZW walked away.

    As giddy as you are about “laughable” Android sales on Verizon. The Moto Droid racked up 1 million units in the first two months and commands 6% of Admob traffic, second to iPhone for a single device. The iPhone has been out for years.

    That is just one Android device on one network. There are many Android devices and many more to come on three networks in the next year.

  • Gabe

    I think the iPhone should go on verizon and apple should put vcast and the app store on it

  • andrew

    if it goes to verizon and verizon makes apple use their v cast store, i wont buy the phone then. but i dont think apple will do that. i think they would let the phone die off before they did such a thing.

  • David W.

    I would love to see Verizon get the iphone deal.My 2 year contract is over this year and I will be holding out hoping they will get it.

    • Anna D.

      I hope Verizon and Apple join together in this iPhone business. I have wanted one for about 4 years!!!