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Text donations For Haiti Earthquake Relief: Billing cycle must end first

The earthquake in Haiti was devastating, but as we have seen in disasters, the world seems to come together. This was seen in the huge amount of donations that has pored in since it happened. However, for those who have pledged money via text donations, those charities will not see any money until the end of the persons billing cycle.

The pre-set amount for the text donation is $10, there is already a huge amount of funds waiting to be paid, but it is a shame that those charities will have to wait. However, Verizon has said that they will honor the $3 million pledged from its customers before they have received the money from them. AT&T has yet to comment what they plan to do.

In some cases though, the money could take up to 90-days to come through, this is not good news for those who really need the money in Haiti. For those who wish for Haiti to receive its much-needed cash right away, then maybe you should phone the Red Cross and donate the money direct to them.

The Inquisitr does state that Haiti will need financial help for the next few months and not just the next few days. Homes will need to be rebuilt and a nation needs to get back on its feet. If you wish to donate money then please visit Doctors Without Borders or the Red Cross



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