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HTC HD2: Android-powered version

We often get a piece of information that you know will not come to fruit, but it is nice to think that it would. We are talking about a recent email that was sent out to beta testers for the Rhapsody Android app. This gives Ubergizmo the impression that there could be an Android-powered version of the Windows Mobile smartphone.

In that email you can clearly see a picture of the HTC HD2, Motorola Droid and the MyTouch 3G. Let us not get too ahead of ourselves here, it is very unlikely that the HD2 will be making its way over to Android any time soon, but it is still a nice idea.

We have to wonder why HTC has not offered users an Android version of the HD2, as they already have a great partnership with each other. The latest and tightest partnership yet is with the recently released Nexus One handset. Although looking at its recent sales figures, not a big deal as Google would have us believe.

The HTC HD2 had been on the Vodafone UK network, but had to sacrifice it to make way for the iPhone 3GS just recently. However, we did report that Virgin UK is now offering the smartphone to its customers.

Would you like to see a Google Android version of HTC HD2?



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