Google Earth: Haiti earthquake damage via satellite imagery

By Peter Chubb - Jan 18, 2010

The recent Haiti earthquake was devastating, for those who still do not understand just how bad it was; Google has worked with GeoEye to show you satellite imagery of the damage. The damage can be viewed on Google Earth or maps, PC World believes that this could be very useful for aid organizations.

If you wish to view these images then you will need to download a KML file and then add an image layer to your Google Earth program. You can also choose to use Google Earth browser plug-in instead. Google have sad that they will update Google Earth, as newer data is made available.

If you already have Google Earth, then all you need to do is download the KML file the once. Google has been working hard with its Map Maker application to help develop a much better map of Haiti; this plan was put into place after hurricanes Gustav and Ike in 2009.

PC World explains that the best way to understand just how devastating the earthquake was, then just compare the before and after map on their website. We have to remember that there is nothing fun about this, as it is feared that more than 100,000 are feared dead.

There are a number of charities trying to raise much needed aid for the region, but remember that the FBI is watching those who try to scam people through bogus charities.

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  • I heard news about Chile earthquake, and this is really terrible. I know it hard to move on, but our god still watch us. Believe him. I hope they will be okay.

    Just like to share with you a quote about hope…

    "Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all. " — Dale Carnegie

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  • The devastation of the Haiti earthquake is incredible. Images brings back that devastating event that humans will never forget. The Chile earthquake was even bigger, and not only did it caused devastation and loss of lives; it caused damaged to earth's rotation, according to this article:

  • Morisset, Boston

    Yes indeed: the Google satellite view of the earthquaque in Port-au-Prince shows more extensive damages than previously anticipated. If, to limit the damages and loss of lives, there is a single area of the country where the earthquaque should not have hit, the highly densely populated area of Port-au-Prince, Carrefour, Petion-Ville, and Delmas is such a place where lives more than one third of the Haitian population. It is as if this region of Haiti is completely wiped out from the surface of the planet.

    The death toll, when fully known, will be more than anyone can bear. It will take sustained and very engaged efforts from the international community, the Haitian Diaspora, the complete and total eradication of corruption within the Haitian government, and the resiliency of the Haitian people to ensure that Haiti finally breaks away from its endemic cycle of poverty and its recurring political turmoils.

    We owe this to the Haitian children, many of whom now buried for ever under the rubbles and also to those children who were recently rescued, but who have shown any emotion of anger or pain, as if they were telling us: we are used to this misery. We owe this to the Haitian people who feverishly and unselfishly have being saving many lives without ever expecting or seeking any support from their government. We owe this to the common humanity we all share.

    This disaster is an opportunity for Haiti to rebuild and to progress. Poverty, violence, and political corruption which pleague Haiti and which have successfully contributed to darken our proud history have to be aggressively eradicated. For the sake of the Haitian children, let’s turn a new page and a new chapter in the Haitian history.

    Thanks, Google