France and Germany Boycotting Internet Explorer

By Jamie Pert - Jan 18, 2010

Earlier today rumors were circulating suggesting that Germany were warning against users using Microsoft Internet Explorer, we are now hearing that France have the same opinion.

Certa are a government agency and they have “warned against using all versions of the web browser”, Microsoft recently told BBC News that Internet Explorer 8 is the “most secure browser on the market”

I often fix friends computers, and a lot of times their computers are running IE6 or IE7, I always either install Firefox or IE8 for the security benefits and increased functionality.

BBC experts suggest that as the recent malicious code is only targeting IE6 therefore the risk is minimal.

Personally I recommend installing all of the latest critical updates for your computer, this will ensure that you have the latest and most secure browser on your computer, alternatively install either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

+-To find out more details as to why Germany and France are boycotting Internet Explorer check out BBC News.-+

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  • Hello!
    I’m a Scotsman, living in France with a German pension, and I watch both French and German TV – daily.
    I’ve heard nothing in France, but the German National news did have (unusually) a report about it. They aren’t actually “BOYCOTTING” IE, but they did give a very serious warning message,
    Personnally – I haven’t used IE since the dark ages, or at least the appearance of Firefox, and when I’m on Windows, now, then it’s Chrome which has the honour! Interestingly, LINUX is basically Firefox browser based as default – at least my version (SUSE) is.

  • Steve Real

    “Google engineers at Silicon Valley began to suspect
    that Chinese intruders were breaking into
    private Gmail accounts,
    the company began a secret counteroffensive.”

    It appears ”Adobe Systems, Northrop Grumman
    and Juniper Networks, Microsoft,
    Rolls-Royce and Royal Dutch Shell,
    Rackspace Hosting Inc, Cybersitter”,
    and God knows who, in a considered
    deliberate attack on Western intellectual
    property by the heathen Communist Chinese.

    The practice of stealing is built into
    the business model at
    “the Chinese Internet company carved out
    a strong presence by offering something
    that Google, at first, would not:
    easy links to download pirated songs, TV shows and movies.”

    The Communist heathens need a class action lawsuit handed to them
    for gaining access to everyone, who has ever owned a gmail/hotmail account.
    Is there a lawyer in the US worth
    their salt anymore?