Asus DR-570: Upcoming OLED eReader’s Impressive Specifications

As you may already know Asus are doing their up-most to impact the eReader market, and I must say if the recently revealed specifications for their Asus DR-570 turn out to be true it stands a good chance of doing very well.

Usually eReaders use an E Ink panel for their displays, however from what we can see this Asus device will feature a 6-inch high-brightness OLED panel.

The DR-570 will also feature two communication technologies, these are WiFi and 3G, one of the most impressive things about this eReader is that it is said to offer up to 122 hours of battery life from a single charge (even if your watching videos connected to WiFi etc).

It is thought that this eReader should be available towards the end of the year, there are currently no details regarding pricing revealed, however as we find out more we will keep you informed. For further details check out SlashGear.

Do you like the sound of this upcoming eReader?



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