Asus DR-570: Further Specifications Revealed

Earlier today we posted some details regarding the impressive looking Asus DR-570 eReader, we have now heard of some more impressive looking specs which originally appeared on

Along with the devices 5.7 inch OLED display, 122 hour battery life,WiFi and 3G the device will also feature 4GB of flash storage and 412MB of RAM.

The battery is a 1530mAh unit (hence the impressive life), and the OLED display is said to support a resolution of 768×1024, this display also features a refresh rate of 0.03 seconds.

There are only a few things left to mention, these are the device’s SD/SDHC card reader and its 200 gram weight.

As was the case earlier we still do not know anything regarding pricing, also a specific release date has not yet been revealed, to find out more check out our earlier article and SlashGear’s article.



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