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Apple vs. Nokia Patent Battle: Pioneers needs more regulation

There never seems to be a shortage of news in the world of technology, some are often fun and great to talk about, while others are much serious and can have an affect on future devices. If you do not know by now, we are talking about the ongoing patent row between Apple and Nokia.

Much has been said about this battle that could be heading to the courtrooms, but according to BNET Technology Blog, none are willing to choose a side publicly. We know that one of them is in the wrong; then again it could be the both of them.

What we so far is, Nokia decided to sue Apple for patent infringements, the iPhone maker then hit back and countersued the N900 handset maker. BNET believes that favor looks to be swinging Apple’s way, saying that Nokia is jealous over how popular the iPhone is and the fact that Nokia has been taking a bit of a beating of late.

Nokia say that they have the rights to 2G and 3G and it was Apple along with RIM who was late with its technology. IP consultant Andrew Watson believes that Nokia are within their rights with its licensing fees, but he believes that these pioneers needs to enforce their fees and along with more regulation.

Watson also adds that almost 60% of handsets use the 2G technology unlicensed due to how difficult it is to obtain, but it is only Apple who has been targeted due to their deep pockets along with the ongoing success of the iPhone device. No doubt that Nokia will be taking a long hard look at the rumored new iPhone 4G that is due to hit towards the second part of 2010.

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