PS3 Firmware 3.15: Update you now must download

By Peter Chubb - Jan 16, 2010

Sony released PS3 Firmware 3.15 last month, but it was not compulsory that you downloaded it. However, upon switching my PlayStation 3 on this morning, I found that it is now mandatory. If you do not need to use any of the new features, it does not matter, you still need to download and install the update.

According to, The new firmware is not a massive one, so does not come with many new features. However, you will now be able to play PSP minis games on your larger flat screen TV. You will also be allowed to transfer data between your PlayStation 3 consoles.

The new feature is called Data Transfer Utility; this allows you to connect two PS3 consoles via LAN, you will then need to connect both to your TV. The next step is to turn both consoles on, making certain that both have the new firmware installed.

The next step is to go to the XMB on the PS3 and then select Data Transfer Utility in the systems settings category. All you then need to do is follow the onscreen instructions. For more details visit

Let us know if you managed to download the update without any problems.

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  • luckystrike

    why is it that PS3 does not support subtitles when downloaded and saved.. i have so many BR movies and subs which i tansfer using USB drive but Ps3 does not show subs…please help…will updating solve the issue…

  • Game-Dna

    its the firmware that does this!!! the blueray discs and games will stop working entirely and you will have 2 wait for the new firmware to come out. i'm in the same boat. don't get another unit the problem isn't with the console. this is the 2nd time it happened to me. see all other media works fine only blueray and games don't work

  • daniel

    i cant say i’m sure but since the update all my bluray discs are either not starting for long periods or starts and play very very slow. there are times when i start my ps3, insert the disc (and it does not appear on xmb), eject the disc, reinsert (still not working) shutdown the ps3, start up the ps3 again and so on for like 10 minutes.

  • R.

    Done the update last month. I had never had any problems with this update. I just hope Sony surprises us with a super cool update let’s say in the next 4-6 months.

  • jakcOFALLtrades

    um the data transfer isnt for the ps3 to me it doesnt work. its for faster transfers between ps3 and psp.. and you can download stuff from the ps3 to the psp vice versa and it is so much faster.. you need to check with sony again before more people get you on this

  • Heather

    I did this mandatory download, and since the update, my BLURay or games will not play. Sony refuses to take responsibility. My unit worked fine right up until I updated. Now I am being forced to pay for a new one, I am so upset!

  • Neil

    Yay this could help alot I need to put my old rock band and guitar hero saves onto my new ps3 =D