AT&T, Verizon and the New iPhone Monthly Plan

By Peter Chubb - Jan 16, 2010

Verizon recently reduced the rates on its plans, not one to be outdone; AT&T did the same. This new rate is for $99.99 per month, for that you get unlimited voice and data for those with an iPhone. We wonder if this could be the beginning of a price war as they both compete with Apple for the upcoming iPhone 4g in 2010?

The new plan will begin on Monday and is a $30 reduction from its previous price. AT&T know that they have the most smartphones from all the networks, so thought that this reduced rate would be very popular with its users. However, we have to wonder if the cell phone carrier is just keeping its customers sweet, as they have been voicing their concerns over poor 3G coverage.

It is not a secret that AT&T customers are unhappy with their current service with the Apple iPhone, with many hoping that Verizon will get a shot at the top selling smartphone in the summer, when AT&T’s exclusivity deal expires.

According to Apple Insider, those with an existing AT&T contract will be allowed to switch to this new plan without penalty, you will not be forced to extend your contract period either. This certainly seems like AT&T are beginning to think more about the customer these days.

The new pricing plan which kick started this pricing war allows Verizon customers the 3G 75MB data package for just $9.99, as the $69.99 unlimited calling plan does not include 3G.

Why do you think that both AT&T and Verizon are now beginning to reduce their calling plan rates?

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  • Chika

    Im switching from Verizon to Metro PCS bc Verizon is too expensive. I’d rather pay my Early Termination Fee than to continue paying these ridiculous rates.

  • MC

    Because they know they’ve overcharging customers all along.

  • humphrey dix

    the cut their prices because of companies like metro pcs, t-mobile, and cricket. Customers are going into the stores and letting the two giants know that know that they can get four phones for the price of on down the street or maybe even next door. I recently did a survey a T-mobile, Verizon, and an ATT. I sat outside each store for four hours and tracked the stats of customers coming in empty handed and leaving with bags, the number of people coming in with bags and leaving with bags and the number of people that came in with bags and left empty handed. This survey was done 9 days after Christmas and according to the results, if
    T-mobile could possibly become a giant with whatever strategy they are using right now (cheaper rates). Here is my prediction… ATT and Verizon will reduce their rates to be more competitive with T- Mobile once business hits rock bottom. According to an inside source, the traffic at both of the current wireless giants have reduced
    to about 25% of what it was last year at this time. When I visited the local giants in my area I have also noticed that T-Mobile always has more customers than reps 90% more than its competitors. Give us six months and you will probably be able to get an iphone at a reasonable rate. They iPhone hype is over and their are plenty of phones with the same capabilities. With that in mind, Apple should probably make a wide decision to go with all carriers.

    Humphrey Dix
    Freelance Journalist
    Western Hemisphere