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Apple Tablet PC Hunt: Lawyer’s and “trade secrets”

Recently, Valleywag started an “Apple Tablet Scavenger Hunt”, offering a reward for those who could give them any information on the rumored device. However, one of Apple’s Lawyer’s has told them to stop trying to find out the computer makers trade secrets.

Valleywag are offering a $10,000 for a genuine picture, $20,000 for a video and $50,000 for a picture and video of Steve Jobs holding the device. The website went one further, offering $100,000 to be allowed to play with the rumored Apple Tablet PC.

As you could imagine, Apple were not pleased with this and have instructed its legal team to have words with Valleywag. Layers issued them with a letter, which you can read over on Digital Trends. It does state that Valleywag had crossed the line by offering money for trade secrets.

The letter also adds that it is illegal, they have been asked to stop the “Scavenger Hunt”. However, it seems that Valleywag are ignoring the letter and still continue to offer the bounty for the photos and videos. They even state that they will not tell Apple who you if you divulge any information, as they do not know whom you are. That does seem strange, how will they know who to pay.

Would you risk sending in any photos or videos of the Apple Tablet PC device, now that the company has their lawyer’s involved?



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