PS3’s Gran Turismo 5: Uses same power as Uncharted 2 (80%)

By Alan Ng - Jan 15, 2010

We have an interesting article for you to read now, as Gran Turismo chief Kazunori Yamauchi has admitted that Gran Turismo 5 does not use all of the PS3’s processing power, even adding that it uses roughly the same amount as seen in Uncharted 2.

As reported from Eurogamer, Yamauchi spoke in a recent interview saying that only 80% of the PS3’s total power has been used for the upcoming racer, reminding everyone that GT5 has taken 5 years to make and that nothing is getting easier or less expensive.

Interestingly, he also revealed that he is never happy after release, as he often thinks he should of done something differently. To hear more from the man himself, head over to Eurogamer.

Same power as Uncharted 2 you say? What are your thoughts on this guys?

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  • ^^Agreed haha, but hey? When GT5 comes it will be 1000% more time to finish it than uncharted 2.

  • JoeTheGamer

    Only 80% of the PS3s power? Those cars have millions of textures and polygons and each car take months to complete. The PS3 has a lot of power…. I am going to get a PS3 ASAP!!!

  • Jay

    GT5 does, however, take up %800 of Sony’s time.

  • Mark

    Can’t wait, the last years PS3 exclusives were killer, with even better to come.

    My Xbox hasn’t been switched on in a VERY long time. (I canncelled XBL Gold almost a year ago, and not missed it one bit, as most of my mates now have PS3 too)>

  • Waldo

    Each car in GT5 (I read somewhere) takes around 6 months to model, so you can see why it takes so long. The devil is in the detail.

    If there is %20 juice left under the hood (no pun intended), I’d be interested to see where it is. I’d imagine it’s on the side of the SPE’s as the GPU is a tad weak, or maybe a combination of the two, but weighted toward the SPE’s.

    This year we’ll likely see another graphical leap for the PS3. The leaps will get smaller as time moves on though, until all the coding tricks and techniques have been exposed.

    Still with GT5, Heavy Rain, God of War III, MAG, Mod Nation Racers to mention a few, it’s gonna be a good year to own a PS3.

    As a side note, Finished Uncharted 2 last night, and despite a few minor issues, best game I’ve ever played. I even liked the ending. Naughty Dog has done a great job with U2. If the differences between U2 & U3 are the same as the differences between U1 & U2, we’re in for a golden age of gaming.

    Anyway I’m wandering off topic here. Yes… as games become more complex development time and budget also increase. So what are we thinking? GT6 will take 7-8 years? Hmm, maybe not. I’d say probably 2-3 given all thats been learned from developing GT5. Still I’m assuming there’s gonna be a GT6. We’ll just have to wait and see….

    • Damo

      Have to agree. Only picked up my ps3 the other day so still playing it. Not without some minor faults but still the best game i've ever played.

    • Damo

      Have to agree. Only picked up my ps3 the other day so still playing it. Not without some minor faults but still the best game i've ever played.