Modern Warfare 2 Tactics: Team player with perks and weapons

By Daniel Chubb - Jan 15, 2010

Since the launch of Modern Warfare 2 and even before it’s release, we have spoken about Call of Duty tactics and even touched on being a team player vs. going all out to just kill for yourself.

Following on from our post on your best weapon and perk setup in Modern Warfare 2, some interesting tactics that people used were revealed. Some gamers loved to get the highest kill count and be top of the list, while others had played for the better of the team when playing team games.

You can see all the comments on peoples perk and weapon setups here. It seems that some players have a few different setups depending on the game at hand, if you have many low ranking players then a gamer might use a class that includes UAV to help the team out, while a good team would not need the UAV perk as much.

This kind of gaming seems to give the best gameplay to the whole team, and makes the experience more enjoyable for all. In life we are not all the same, so you will find many players that will not care what happens to the team and think only about themselves.

What are your Modern Warfare 2 tactics? Are you a team player, or is it only number one for you?

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  • nobreakingpoint

    Yeah the other day me and my friends were playing hardcore search and destroy and with some help, many UAV’s and Counter UAV’s, I managed to get a kill-death ratio of 15-0 with a tar silenced, raffica silenced, slight of hand, cold blooded, and ninja. i used UAV, Counter UAV, and Sentry.

    • Guest

      Since you are playing hardcore, I'd switch the counter UAV with a care-package. Counter UAV's are pretty much useless on hardcore games.

  • Lemon

    I agree staying off the grid helps so much
    Communication is essential in winning any team based games
    also i recommend you opt yourself as a leader or someone else who talks to their team

  • ModernWarfareDude

    Yeah, communication and staying off the grid are pretty great.

    P.S. If you are looking for a new specialist on your team add me my GAMERTAG is DEMONCOOKIE666. I also run with silenced, cold – blooded and ninja pro, also do anti-air.

  • Battousai 80

    The only time I’m not a team player is if I play free-for-all.

    I usually run with at least one buddy. If I can get a whole team together it definitely makes a difference.

    Hardcore matches or any non-respawn games (in my opinion) need to have exceptional teamwork. Communication is vital. The team that I run with talks about in-game action only. Any side conversation is strictly in the pregame lobby.

    I can remember a hardcore game when my team got 35-40 unanswered kills due to excellent communication, moving in teams of 2 or 3 (staggered formation), having all avenues/chokepoints covered, and having a mixture of killstreaks.

    I have found it much easier to get a high killstreak (11 or above) when I have teammate watching my back. Likewise, if another teammate is building up a killstreak and I somehow get picked off before I can build mine up, I will for the sake of the team defend that teammate.

    Lastly, each member of my team has a specific role. We have a mixture of snipers, close-quarters combat, assault, anti-air support, bomb squad, etc.

    For non-respawn modes, we all typically run with cold-blooded pro, ninja pro, and a silenced primary weapon to keep ourselves off the grid.

    When all cylinders are clicking, everyone on the team has a positive k/d ratio and the win.