Modern Warfare 2: Name a better game?

By Jamie Pert - Jan 15, 2010

As you may have read yesterday Modern Warfare 2 has now taken $1 billion in sales, however that said there has been quite a few problems with the game, online play has been hounded by annoying glitches, which at one point stopped me playing the game.

Despite its problems the game has in my opinion set a new standard for online FPS console games, graphically the game is great, also the games killstreaks, deathstreaks, challenges emblems and titles etc keep the game fresh allowing players to aim for different objectives.

Over the years I have owned a wide-range of consoles, these include the Sega Mega Drive, Sony PlayStation, Microsoft Xbox and Microsoft Xbox 360, in my opinion gameplay and storyline are paramount for good games, however I also like a game to have impressive graphics, variation and a ‘wow factor’.

My favorite game on the Sega Mega Drive was undoubtedly ‘Kid Chameleon’, as for the PlayStation One there are four games that I think were amazing these were Gran Turismo 2, Tony Hawks Pro Skater, Metal Gear Solid and Final Fantasy VII, for the Xbox I really enjoyed Halo and Halo 2 as for me it was my first real online multi-player FPS experience.

As for the Xbox 360 there have been a lot impressive games over the years, the first game which I became addicted to was Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter, however I also played Elder Oblivion religiously along with Assassin’s Creed. More recently I have put many hours into Fallout 3 and Call of Duty: World at War and Modern Warfare 2.

Out of all of the games mentioned my favorite has to be Final Fantasy VII, this game had it all, impressive cut-scenes, the best story line in a game ever (in my opinion), variation and although there was a solid story line there were many sub-story lines to complete.

Obviously Final Fantasy VII and Modern Warfare 2 are very hard to compare, however if Final Fantasy VII was to have launched today with the same storyline and gameplay however also featured impressive graphics and some more modern features I feel it would be a lot better than Modern Warfare 2 in many ways.

So in my opinion Final Fantasy VII is a better game then Modern Warfare 2, therefore I challenge you to name a better game then Modern Warfare 2, please go into detail as to what aspects make the game better in the comments section below.

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  • But comparing FFVII to MW2 is comparing apples to oranges, let alone any FPS to RPG.

  • Battousai 80


    I remember playing FFVII. I couldn’t put it down. The storyline along with the gameplay was so deep and the materia combinations were endless. Not to mention all the sidequests. In my opinion, FFVII is the best game of the Final Fantasy series.

    But comparing FFVII to MW2 is comparing apples to oranges, let alone any FPS to RPG.

    Both have high replay value and are addictive.

    But what about party games like Rock Band 2? This too has high replay value and is addictive if you like that genre.

    How about ultra-violent action games like the God of War series? Or fighting games like Street Fighter IV and Tekken 6.

    For you racers out there what about Gran Turismo, Mario Kart, Forza Motorsport?

    And don’t forget about sports games.

    I guess it really depends on the type of games you play.

    As long as it has high replay value, you’ll keep playing.

  • Tim Smedinga

    It’s not that hard to name a game better than MW2. Simply put, IMO, it’s storyline is weak and full of plotholes (how in the hell is the ACS the only thing that can see a complete fleet of airships coming, like, charter plains etc, people), it’s online multiplayer on PC has a matchmaking service, i mean really, no dedicated servers? That’s a stab in the back of not only PC gamers, just the whole industry. Matches are too random, as a player, it doesn’t matter what you do, and everybody in teams just plays by themselves. There isn’t even a ranked hardcore variant of every game mode.

    Half-Life 2 is a better game than MW2. Its story is simply mindblowing, and the multiplayer (oh come on, it may officially be a seperate game, but it HL2:DM comes for free with almost any edition of the game) is simply put fun because you never run out of weapons.

    The classic Unreal Tournament is a better game than this, because of the enormous replay value. The sheer amount of mods for this make it so much fun over and over again.

    • Alan Ng

      Toe Jam and Earl on the Megadrive

      • zigojacko

        Hah, quality. What a game.