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Apple Tablet PC: Confirmed in letter to Gawker (Almost)

Following on from our report yesterday, which informed you about Gawker’s Apple Tablet ‘Scavenger Hunt’, Apple has responded almost immediately with a letter threatening to take action against them if they publicly disclose information about the Tablet.

If you head over to BGR, you’ll be able to see a full transcript of the letter. This letter pretty much confirms the existance of the Apple Tablet, just in case you were yet to believe all the recent hype and speculation.

As for the contents of the letter though, Apple tells Gawker that they have ‘crossed the line’ and that the whole process of their ‘Scavenger Hunt’, ‘constitutes Apple’s trade secrets’. It even contains the words, ‘highly confidental Apple product’.

Will Gawker bow down and remove the cash bounty though? It will be interesting to see if they stand firm on this. We’ll keep you updated on progress.

More info through the link.



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