Apple iPhone 4G vs 3G: Are you bothered?

By Jamie Pert - Jan 15, 2010

As you probably already know the iPhone 4G is one of the most highly anticipated devices which seems set for a launch in 2010, however many people are overlooking the fact that some carriers are struggling to offer 3G connectivity in areas, let alone 4G.

Currently if you are in a good area for 3G connectivity you can receive up to 14.0 Mbit/s on the downlink and 5.8 Mbit/s on the uplink, whereas when 4G is rolled out it has a theoretical speed of 100 Mbit/s in the downlink and 50 Mbit/s in the uplink .

Personally if carriers offered a solid 3G connection even half of their maximum speeds this would be more than sufficient to many, therefore what is the point of offering 4G connectivity if decent coverage is unlikely.

Therefore I thought I would ask customers what they would prefer, would your prefer patchy 4G connectivity or consistent stable 3G connectivity?

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  • 4g user

    I live in kc and we get 4g almost everywhere in the metro. I constantly get around 3M
    BS on my epic 4g sometimes 6mbs. What's the top 3g can get? Like 600 kbs? I'm so glad I didn't waste my money on an iphone 4. Its already outdated

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  • graydog

    Quote: "therefore what is the point of offering 4G connectivity if decent coverage is unlikely."

    Your dead on correct !

  • Reg Miranda

    It is just becoming a status symbol. Who cares if you have lots of money? By the time you know it 5G, 6G or 100G will be on the market.

  • Whocares

    You all need a life. Who cares!!! If you want one, go get one. If not, leave it alone!

  • RenoScottie

    What do you mean by "consistent stable 3G connectivity"? I have only had that maybe a few times in 2 years. AT&T coverage what a joke. "Moderate Coverage" pet AT&T means standing out in the middle of the street.

  • turdo

    i agree with dennis i just read up on the new iphone 4 and it uses the 3g network

  • Dennis

    It is clear that the latest iPhone is the iPhone4 (not 4G). AT&T will tell you it is a 3G phone.
    Ask them….I did!

  • Al Gore

    Gawd you are really stupid…

    And BTW, it took a long time to upload this msg on 3g!

  • Alan Davies

    I have the new 3GS it’s ok and even though the signal strength is shown often only 1 bar I have only ever had i call dropped.
    I have never had problems on WI-FI, 3G or Edge. overall quite happy. So who needs 4G ?

  • Madley

    Who said the latest Iphone was going to use a 4G network? There aren’t that many 4G networks which have been rolled out. The 4G means that it is a 4th version of the IPhone, and not that it uses a 4G network. Apple will probably not call it the IPhone 4G to prevent this confusion.

    • Lolzord350

      Lolzord much?

      The original iPhone was “iPhone 2G”, so how can the 2G be refering to generation? The 2G/3G refers to connection not generation, and the iPhone 4G will have 4G connectivity.

      You actually do not have a clue!

      • Anonymous

        Actually, it seems it's you who does not have a clue. The iPhone 4 still uses the 3G network. Maybe you should run on over to Apple's website and do some quick reading.

        • Anonymous

          ACTUALLY, 4G is really 3.9G. No big deal.

  • Who the hell is getting anywhere in the ballpark of 14 Mbit/s? Thatts nearly 14 times faster than I ever get on Verizon 3g. Where are you from? BC if you can get 14Mbit/s then I want to move to where you are…. you’re crazy!

    • Jamie Pert

      I have personally never reached these speeds, however it is the theoretical maximum potential of 3G, remember that Megabits per second are significantly different to Megabytes per second (I don’t mean to sound condescending with that comment, however some people don’t know the difference)