Verizon iPhone and metered billing for 3G or 4G

By Peter Chubb - Jan 14, 2010

iPhone AT&T customers know only too well the hassle they have with connecting to the 3G network, many believe that if they were on the Verizon cell phone carrier, then none of this would happen. However, this is not true, if Verizon were to get the iPhone 3G or even the 4G this year, then they too would suffer network strain, which is where metered billing comes in.

If Verizon or even AT&T offered metered billing for wireless data, then this will be the fairest option; this is according to Verizon Wireless CTO, Dick Lynch. Currently Verizon do not suffer from the same 3G data connection problems as AT&T do, but they would if they had the iPhone, which could be this summer.

3G data plans use a flat-based usage system at the moment, this means that users will take advantage of this and try to download as much as possible in a given month. This is a huge problem for the iPhone, as owners download a huge amount of apps from Apple’s App Store and music from iTunes.

There are those who feel that metered billing for 3G or 4G is a way to get more money from the user, but this would not have come about if it were not for those bandwidth hogs. They know who they are, the ones who use gigabytes of data each and every month spoiling it for others.

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We are still not certain that the preferred cell phone carrier in the U.S. will get the current iPhone 3GS or the rumored 4G version, but we recently reported that both Apple and Verizon are holding price negotiations.

Speaking of that new iPhone 4G, it seems that Apple could release this Smarphone in April, although not sure how much truth in that rumor?

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  • omar860

    how is it the users fault for using to much bandwidth ? if they’re paying for unlimited data they should be able to use unlimited data

  • Ismail

    This is very interesting, if you think that 30 dollars plus 20 dollars texting is not enough money being paid to these companies for data usage. I mean for god sakes that is almost as close as a monthly Time Warner Cable RR bill. You have got to be kidding me with this article. THUMBS DOWN

  • Frank

    Can someone define what “heavy data users” actually use; is it the the high MB or GB? I have an iPhone and use between 300MB and 500MB a month. I don’t think I’m in the “heavy data” use category. And, I don’t really “stream” that much, if I do, it’s at home on my wifi connection.

  • Max

    I disagree. Verizon can handle much more than you think, Mr. Chubb.

    • tony

      Max, I agree. I’m no expert but consider this. If Verizon gets the iphone and AT&T also keeps it, you will basically split the traffic that AT&T now has to deal with, making for better service for customers of both carriers.