Verizon iPhone 4G: What price will you pay in 2010?

By Jamie Pert - Jan 14, 2010

As you know many rumors are suggesting that the iPhone 4G will be released on 2010, if this turns out to be true pricing is going to be a big part of the handset’s success.

Currently AT&T offer the iPhone 3GS 16GB model for $199.99 as part of a 24-month contract, the 32GB model is available on a 24-month contract for $299.

If you want to buy the iPhone 3GS without committing to contract you can purchase it outright for $599 (16 GB), or $699 (32 GB).

There has been a lot of talk of impressive specifications that the iPhone 4G will offer, so far rumors have suggested it will feature an OLED display and two cameras, one of which will be front-facing to allow video-chat.

One other rumor is that the iPhone 4G will feature a removable battery and possibly a memory card slot, if the handset features a memory card slot there will not be as much reason to buy the larger capacity model, which makes you wonder just how legitimate this particular rumor is.

Currently two of Verizon’s most expensive handsets are the Motorola Droid and the Samsung Omnia II at $299.99 (ignoring the $100 online discount) as part of a 24-month contract. To buy these handsets outright you will have to pay $559.99 for the Droid and $579.99 for the Omnia II.

Taking into account that the iPhone 4G should boast significant hardware upgrades compared to the iPhone 3GS, how much would you be willing to pay for the handset (both outright and as part of a 24-month contract)? Personally I feel many customers would not be willing to much more than the current cost of the Omnia II.

Feel free to add your comments below.

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  • Guest who knows

    Sure- great network and great phone, but you still have the horrible service that Verizon is known for. I hate this company.

  • JOE

    I hope that verizon gets the iphone i really want it, it does everything just like and ipod EXCEPT better and with verizon and appl i think that would be the BEST phone EVEERRRRRRRRR <3

  • lulu

    I have heard on the news that it is for sure verizon is releasing the iPhone in January 2011. I am ecstatic but anxious about the price. I have a contract with verizon, and am looking at no less then a sixteen gig. 32 gig would positively rock. any ideas on pricing? Considering that an eight gig is only $99, Im noping to snag a sixteen or higher for $299 or less. In my experience each level of gigs goes up 100 dollars, and if this is true then the 32 gig is only 299! May my (and i suspect many others') dreams come true!

  • piyush renwal

    hi it is possible to take iphone 4g with out at&t 24 months contract
    in $ 599.

  • marcus

    i thing the 4g is bs y have a iphone "4g" if you have a 3gs it probably is not faster or eneything and who cares about speed if you have a laptop?!? i have a 32gb iphone 3gs in ferrari red i got it custom painted too. plus, the 4g doesent have a vc camera. i cant tell eneyone what sevice will provide it is. just get the cheaper iphone models and be proud. trust me, the 4g is not worth it if you ask somewone that works for apple

  • caleb

    so if i buy an iphone from ATT with the 24 month conctract to i have to pay any money per month or is pre-paid

  • Natasha

    I think it's great there will be a new iPhone; however I have the iPhone 3GS, and I feel if they think we should upgrade there should be a discount. I would be more than willing to trade mine in and pay SOME of the $599 to upgrade, but not just like buying one outright.

  • sidra

    How much will the iphone 4g cost without a contract?

  • david

    my friend that works to APPLE.INC(the business)and, he told me that for no contract, in canada it will between 750$ and 850$, with contract, between 350$ and 450$. Its for canada, in use, aaaaah! IT WILL BE LOWER, 275$ TO 375$! WITHOUT CONTRACT, 700$ TO 800$. It will maybe come out for Christmas (:

  • ahmet onur ozkan

    I have an I phone that I bought from europe and I want to use it with one of the american wireless company. I need a sim card for that and I do not know which company I can use?

  • Tou

    verizon needs to do something about its plans too. The data packages are just too much on top of the voice plan. too expensive for me

  • quinton

    heres what i think verizon would make so much more money if they did the iphone 4g(8gb) for $99 and the 16gb 4g should be 200 an so on.becacuse if they dont do so at&t would still beat them with there low prices

  • Danielle

    My family has been with Verizon since I can remember, and the service is great I've never had a problem with phone service, customer service is another story! I switched to AT&T because I wanted an Iphone so badly it hurt! I switched back to Verizon shortly after. I absolutely love the Iphone, but I couldn't make call's from my house or the road I take everyday to work, and I don't live in the middle of now where, I live near Atlantic City NJ. I just got the blackberry storm2 and I don't mind it its a good phone but the Iphone is far superior, I just hope I dont have to pay $600 to get the phone since i just upgraded. Also Verizon has a rep for having phones replaced often because they are not made as well as they could be. I hope this isn't the case with the Iphone…

  • Wes

    I have an ipod touch 2g and love it!!!! I also absolutely adore verizons service! I have never been somewhere where my env2 hasnt worked. But anyway i would buy an iphone 4g for 700$ on verizon!!!! All these cool apps but most not accesable on the ipod touch

  • James

    John… T-Mobile in the UK sucks… the iphone will eventually go to other networks, probably this year as it did in the UK. Apple signed a exclusivity contract with O2 but when ended was open to all networks if they were willing to pay for it. for this reason i would say that Verizon WILL have it in 2010/ COYI

    • Andy

      I disagree. T mobile are great for me, I can get a signal almost everywhere and 10gig data usage per month for £8. Thats cheap! But No Iphone hhmmm…. I hope they’ll supply the 4g this year.

  • John

    Later we will see:

    iPhone 4G vs Nexus One vs Driod vs Palm Pre?

  • John

    I wish the iPhone 4G is on T-Mobile! Lol
    Right now I am using a iPhone 3G S on T-Mobile and the Internet runs pretty fast. A lot faster then the T-Mobile G1 IMO.

  • herb

    The moment is here for verizon/iphone g4 to grasp. If they let it pass in the next six months, myself and thousands of orher apple customers will move on to a product almost as good.

  • Chris

    I hope, this go round, these rumours are NOT rumours. I’ve been with Verizon for 12+ years. For the most part I have been very happy with the service. 2 years ago when came time for a new contract I got a BlackBerry. Initially I was quite pleased with it. However, inside of 8 months I wanted to chuck in the trash. I am not exceedingly pleased with Blackberry products. They may be industry standard for business which is fine but I now find mine basically useless. I truly hope Verizon is going to offer the iPhone because if it is true I will put up with my BB until said time and I can finally have my Verizon iPhone.

  • Vincent

    I have been with Verizon for about 3 years now. I think they have great service and customer service but their hardware is sub-par and at most their current smart phone offerings are cheap knock-offs. I have owned several iPods and they have all been QUALITY products. Although Motorola used to be the standard in mobile electronics and communications their quality has come down. The problem with most smartphones is that the hardware and software are developed by different companies where terms like “PROPRIETARY” are common place.

    I renewed my Verizon contract with 3 phones a year ago and I am very unhappy with the LG phones I have. I was told my LG Titanium Voyagers were comparable to the iPhone, but I have found them lacking obviously. My daughter and I are both on our 3rd phones. My cell bill is $200 a month for premium service. After recently going through 2 replacement phones in 3 days for technical issues I was seriously considering buying out my contract at $395 and buying 3 iPhones with AT&T. I was offered Motorola Droids but I am not about to take a chance with getting 3 more products I can’t stand.

    I was contacted by a Verizon Customer Service rep assuring me the are aware many customers want the iPhone (duh). If Verizon doesn’t step up with and make the concessions to offer the iPhone they will need to obtain a comparable offering, a true competitor and not some cheap knock-off.

    With the internet chatter suggesting Verizon will get the iPhone soon, I have decided to hold off and live with my current phones. However, at the end of my current contract, I will find use my current phones for target practice and find me an iPhone.



  • Olly

    Removable battery? No! Removable storage? No! Touch sensitive casing? Yes! 5mp camera with led flash? Yes! Dual core processor with limited multitasking? Yes! All of these have been confirmed. I’m not allowed to say which carrier/s will provide the iphone but expect pricing to be similar to what it is now. Oh, and forget about the camera for video chat, won’t happen on the 4g

    • steve

      You’re not allowed to say? like you’ve just destroyed all credibility. As if you’d be tracked down on some blog.

    • WOOOPP!

      It's going with Verzion. It's pretty obvious. My dad works with people from Apple. It is confirmed. It will have the Video Chat & a removeable battery. & maybe a removable storage. I've held the phone people. It's better than all the other iPhones out there. At&t sucks balls. Verzion all the way. 😀

  • John

    I would pay 1 million dollars for an iPhone on verizons network. Ok, seriously, if the iPhone does come to Verizon and everybody gets one or switches from ATT, will Verizon’s network be able to handle that much traffic and data usage? There may be a reason why Verizon’s network is much better. It may be because there is no phones capable of hogging so much data usage. I am with Verizon, and have been for about 5 years. I love it, but do enjoy messing with friends iPhones. I want one, but will not switch to ATT.

    • Joshua

      I agree with the Network being better without the iPhone, but since the Droid came out I have not noticed any changes in service and that phone will hog a network. VZ has people install an app to shut down all the background apps from working cause the one in Android does not work right.

  • Frank

    I switched to AT&T to get the iPhone last year after being with Verizon for 14 years. I have had NO ISSUES with my iPhone or AT&T’s Customer Service. So, all of you complainers just go away because it’s because of people like you that complained so much I held off getting the iPhone for a long time. I was afraid of the “poor service”, “dropped calls” and little or no 3G network. Guess what, I love my AT&T service. BTW, I tried the Verizon Mifi with my iPod Touch just before I got the iPhone and was pissed I have to pay $40 per month for 250Mb of download… insulting. Then when I sent the Mifi back to Verizon, it took them TWO BILLING PERIODS to give me credit. They took over $300 out of my checking account to pay for the ETF and the Mifi. How insulting is that. When I complained, they promised me I would have the money back in my account with the two billing periods. SCREW VERIZON….THEY SUCK!

    • Chris

      Do I detect several bunches of sour grapes? I guess we all can’t be happy all the time.

  • me :)

    okay- i have had verizon since i was about 14. never had any issues but loved the iphone and decided to give att a shot. they service is border line impossible and i can not wait until verizon has the iphone so i can get rid of this service. the only thing i can say is i may never be able to use another phone after having this one. it’s flawless. you barely need a computer if you own an iphone.

  • franko

    while I would really like to see the iphone 4g w/Verizon, the current economic times suggest that a price too high (or anything above a droid price) may not draw out the large numbers in sales they want.

  • Mike

    First off..Verizon’s 4G is ready to go in a lot of places (NYC/NJ Metro being one of them)…the question is when will they launch it (that will be sooner than later in 2010 from what I hear).

    Secondly..yes there is an iPhone exists and it will have a removable battery. Haven’t heard of the removable storage. It is planned to be the first 4G phone Verizon launches (after an initial launch of PC air cards first).

    Have no idea how the lawyers will deal with the AT&T exclusivity through 2010 or my bet is the day that the exclusivity contract ends the Verizon iPhone launches.

    • tom

      My buddy works at verizon’s corporate office he told me that the iphone will be on the verizon network this spring do you think it true?

      • Joshua

        I have a feeling this is true, why would Verizon be making changed to their Pricing so close to Jan. 27th. When Apple has their Mobile Event, I hope Verizon is their to announce their partnership and roll out of the LTE for the iPhone in June. March is too early for a new iPhone or an iSlate being released.

        Of coarse this is what I am hoping for.

  • Joe

    I’ve been with verizon for 10 years, and actualyl switched to ATT when they went from TDMA to GSM, and quickly returned to verizon, As much as i like the iPhone, i still need something to make phone calls and on ATT its just not an option. Id actually pay 350-400 for an Iphone :), i’m just affraid they’ll start asking for a 36 month contract soon 🙂

  • jane

    You can’t put a price on an awesome phone with a RELIABLE network!!!

  • matt

    I would pay anything to have the iPhone with Verizon. I have been with them for about 4 years now and want an iPhone so bad but do not want to swith to ATT. Seriously I would think $350 with a 24 month contract would be about tops.

    • Dave

      one of my coworker called AT&T they told him new IPHONE 4g will cost $700 16GB with 2 years contract.

      • aman

        hi i want know about feature of 4g iphone and price also and tell me about also what is the system of contrect

      • reason

        LOL fucking bullshit dave.