PS3’s MAG is a console seller – Sony

By Alan Ng - Jan 14, 2010

As PS3 owners await the arrival of exclusive online shooter MAG on January 29th (26th in UK), Sony has recently indicated that the game will do a good job of shifting hardware units.

As reported from CVG, MAG is currently in the stage of Open Beta, as Sony make final preparations for its anticipated release at the end of the month.

When speaking in a recent interview, SCEE’s Phil Lynch stated that ”MAG will definitely be one of the many tipping points for those who haven’t got a PS3 to get one this January.”

Boasting 256 players online at one time is certainly an impressive feat, but will they really be able to cope with the obvious strains on their servers after release? We all know what happened with Modern Warfare 2 after all.

Full article in the link above, let us know what you think about his comments. Heres a question for you: Is MAG ‘really’ a potential console seller?

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