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Nokia N900: Maemo 5 PR1.1 Update Available

Nokia have recently released a new update for their Maemo-based Nokia N900 handset, this will update the handset to Maemo 5 PR1.1.

This update is said to be pretty significant as it is said to improve the handset in many ways, one of the most important improvements is improved Mail for Exchange support, this adds support for Exchange 2003.

There are also improvements made to Ovi Maps along with increased WiFi stability and a nice little feature which allows you to “silence phone ringing by flipping the N900 face-down”.

The performance of the handset should improve aswell as various changes have allowed the handset to get more out of its processor, along with improvements to battery life.

It is thought that your handset should release the update over-the-air within the next 24 hours, however if you don’t want to wait you can obtain this update here.

If you decide to install the update manually ensure you back up all data beforehand, for more information check out SlashGear.

Have you installed the update? If so, let us know if your happy with the update so far in the comments section below.



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