HTC HD2 on Virgin Mobile: Another shot at stardom

By Peter Chubb - Jan 14, 2010

For those of you on Virgin Mobile, you will be pleased to learn that the HTC HD2 is now available to you. This is yet another chance for the Windows Mobile smartphone to prove its worth and sell a few more units, although it did not do that well on Vodafone, which is why they dumped it.

Vodafone had to rid of the HTC HD2, as they had something a bit better replacing it, the Apple iPhone 3GS. Come on it was a bit of a no-brainer to get rid of the handset in favor of the king of Smartphone’s. Do not get us wrong, this phone is no donkey and comes with a nicely sized 4-3-inch capacitive touchscreen.

This phone is free to those who choose a £30 per month Virgin Mobile contract; this two-year deal offers you 800 minutes and unlimited texts and Internet. We are not certain how well this phone will do once HTC and Google launch the Nexus One in the UK.

This handset is packed with a number of great features, although not as good as some of the phones up for offer. There is a 5-megapixel camera with 2x zoom and flash, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, downloadable games and ringtones, and many more. However, the handset only comes with 512MB of storage, so you will need to purchase expandable memory.

For more details on this visit Virgin Mobile, there you will find details on 3 months free phone insurance as well.

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  • Stewart Jones

    Totally untrue re: Vodafone ‘dumping’ it due to poor sales. Apparently they sold out of their initial 3,000 units within days and were reputedly ‘encouraged’ to ditch it from personal contracts by Apple. If you can find any official news it was due to poor sales, be our guest and print it up.

    The demand for this phone is for real. T-Mobile have an up to 2 weeks waiting list for it due to stocks constantly running out. Doesn’t exactly suggest there’s no demand for it. Maybe you should call them and get some facts?

    I spoke with a Vodafone area manger about the whole HD2/Vodafone issue, and he stated that Apple had played some part in Vodafone pulling the plug on it, and Vodafone just made a hash of things afterwards. Interestingly, he had already himself ordered an HD2 (over an iPhone) for himself whilst the official line was “Vodafone no longer stocks the HD2”. Makes you wonder.

  • Karin

    I think the problem with the HTC HD2 is that people don’t want to use Windows Mobile phones any more. Everyone is dropping Windows Mobile and moving to Android.

    I think Vodafone wanted too clear its shelves of Windows Mobile phones like the HTC HD2, to make way for more popular Android phones, and of course, more iPhones.