Final Fantasy XIII: Xbox 360 and PS3 run speeds are equal.

By Alan Ng - Jan 14, 2010

We have some news which is sure to please the millions of Xbox 360 owners out there, as a recent first impressions report on the Xbox 360 build of Final Fantasy XIII has concluded that there doesnt appear to be any differences from the Playstation 3 version.

As reported from VG247, 1UP has the first impressions, and they have stated and I quote: ‘Final Fantasy XIII runs ‘just’ as smoothly on 360 as it does on PS3′.

Their impressions were not from a direct side-by side audio and video comparison though, but rather from a divided kiosk separating the two builds.

Until we hear of a direct comparison with detailed analysis, maybe we shouldnt read too much into this, but early signs are good for Xbox 360 users.

Let us know your thoughts on this guys.

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  • Oleg

    Everyone, STOP COMPLAINING! We each like everything differently. Both consoles are better than the other at sonething.

    PS3: free online gaming, faster CPU, blu-ray, certain games, etc… 360: Better gpu, larger online community, certain games, code, etc…

    I do admit FF XIII is better on 1 disc, but only difference is 1 disc vs. 3 discs.

  • harry

    stop moaning about bloody my ff looks better than ur ff both are hd.who the hell cares anyway.why shouldnt square make ffxiii multiplat.all these sony fanboys moaning like this must be worried about it if all they can do is moan.just get over the fact square like both consoles and get a bloody life u sad gits.if xbox is so bad ps3 would be in the lead by now thier not so just bloody deal with it.actually ffxiii on xbox is 720p so stop moaning both consoles have thier hi and low points.GET OVER IT AND GET A BLOODY LIFE

  • faisal

    but did u not read the news that xbox 360 is not hd at 576 p there u go and the ps3 is hd fully hahaha. Take that

  • Whatever

    Here is the final deal Xbots and Sony lovers:

    Disc change is planned to occur about twice during the game, meaning each disc shouldn’t see the console more than once. Oh wow! I had to put in the 2nd and 3rd disc over many hours of gameplay.

    Xbox is supposed to have compressed audio for sure. I don’t see video being compromised. Will this issue be relevant on average 5.1 systems? If it does, then PS3 version all the way if you own both systems.

    If PS3 has more content than X360, then go ahead and get the PS3 version IF you got both system.

    Conclusion: Value will be determined by the setup you have to play the game. Blu-Ray means nothing to most people. That’s why the X360 has been doing better for many years until now. Value is key. If you gonna play this on a smaller TV, you won’t notice any difference. Wait till the real comparision is out, which only matters to dual owners. Sony fanboys are obviously going to get the PS3 version so why do they care how the Xbox one is going to be? Maybe it’s like being a fan of the long-time underdog coming back. Or sharing your wife.

  • Xilez

    Well, I’ve got both ps3 and xbox and i mainly play xbox.. but when final fantasy comes out i’m going ps3 all the way on this one. Final fantasy has always been ps, and i hear final fantasy Versus XIII will be ps3 exclusive.. Shows who square are rooting for i guess?

  • Kaden101

    I’ll also be getting FFXIII on the PS3 as that’s all I’ve got, but seriously, how lazy are you if getting out of a chair to change the disc a few times in a full RPG is an issue?

  • jonathan

    you know what would be awesome if when it comes out sells more on the 360 than the ps3 that would so shut up these fanboys up 🙂 ps3 losers

  • con

    why are you all such fanboys xbox and ps3 to be fair if you have a decent PC it completly dominates the ps3 and xbox i have both consoles and i dont know why but i preffer my xbox im not saying the ps3 is bad im just not as into it and to be fair my favoite game at the moment is U2 but i will be getting FF for ps3 it will just be so much easier on 1 disc

  • Kaden101

    I’m sure both versions will be perfectly fine, & it isn’t like it won’t sell. It’s Final Fantasy after all.

    As for Ben’s post stating that Sony made a mistake with the cell. I disagree. If people/companies didn’t try anything new & interesting then technology would never move forward. The cell has proved to be a very powerful cpu, & developers like Naughty Dog & Guerilla have shown that it can be exploited, & have stated that it’s not as hard to program for as some folk make out. Yes, it’s very different from standard Intel CPU’s, & that’s a learning curve & a half, but that doesn’t make it a bad move. Yeah, Guerilla took 73 years to release KZ2, & Polyphony couldn’t do a project in under 5 years if they tried, but Uncharted 2 is far & away the most polished game I’ve ever seen on a console & that only took 2 years, which isn’t bad at all. It’s just a matter knowing what you’re doing.

    The bad move on Sony’s part was the stupid (or lack of) advertising in the early days, & obviously the price was a big put off for a lot of people. Both of these have been remedied.

    I’m not sure I agree with Tom’s PS3 clean & 360’s lazy, dirty code analogy as it just sounds like an excuse to rubbish the xbox, but he does have a point that using the PS3 as lead platform tends to give better parity between the two platforms, & a port to the 360 tends not to suffer where a 360 developed game getting ported to the PS3 can be messed up (Bayonetta anyone).

    The PS3 may overtake the 360 on sales in the future, but quite frankly I don’t care. If anything the 2 consoles having similar units out there creates competition, & competition forces Sony & Microsoft to push the boundaries a bit to try & steal sales from each other & the Wii. It’s all good for the consumer.

    Do you thing the PSN Network would have improved as much as it has if Xbox Live didn’t exist. Do you think that MS would have bothered with Netflix if the PS3 wasn’t a damn good Blu-Ray player. Would Iplayer, Play TV & that not so good (at the moment) PSN video store would exist if Live didn’t have Netflix, & do you really think Xbox Live wouldn’t be more expensive if PSN didn’t offer free online gaming.

  • Nico

    The Xbox version is not even out yet, and it has compressed audio and video and will come in multiple discs, so obviously, there’re not the same.

  • ben

    “Dont forget, the xbox version will still have compressed video and audio.”

    same old excuses, if both video and audio is done correctly, and im fairly confident square know what tehre doing you wont notice any diffrence at all to the sorry excuse above.

    To the rest of his post, PS£ requires the “cleaner” code because sony shafted developers to program for something called the Cell, now im not dissing the cell its prooven to be some very promising tech, but in a game industry it was a wrong move on sony part.

    Microsoft atleast tried to make it easier on all developers “create games using the console means easy conversion over to the pc, so which is sloppy coding? a consoel which develoeprs can take nearly full advantage of, saving money, research times etc, or the console which has put businesses in debt or huge losses resulting in games being made for the “dirty code xbox”

    either way you look at it, microsoft did the right thing, maybe the console isnt as powerful, but in the end its market share and attachment rate is where it at, and sorry to say 360 has gained huge momentum in both of these areas and playstation has lost bit chunks of it to microsoft.

    in short, Playstation 3 wont see the good old ps2 dominance days i’m pretty sure they will win this generation but it will be by the skin of there teeth and in result develoeprs will not shrug of microsoft console in future game developement.

    • Mic

      Wrong. We are already seeing the turn fanboy. The xbox is done.

    • Andrew

      Ms did the right thing? How by selling half arsed hard ware at inflated prices. Xbox games are stagnate. They’re not getting any better. However Sonys machine continues to give us better and better looking games. Not to mention sticking with dvd9 has completely hindered devs ability to give us the most bang for our buck and has given some the chance to rip people off with dlc. Ms has been terrible for gamers. They’ve employed their shady business practices that have monopolized and hurt the pc industry.

      Your lame man. Quite lame.

    • Waldo

      Ben, you’re fairly right about the compression issue, unless you’re a real die hard audio expert, you’ll probably not notice much difference, and likely so with the textures. I’m fed up of the crazy ass sid-by-side comparisons.

      However, I think you’re wrong about the Cell processor. It’s starting to pay dividends for Sony now. If you haven’t seen anything of Uncharted 2, you’re missing out. I’ve bigged up U2 on a few posts here at PR, but I can’t help it, it really is that good.

      My point is that Devs are getting to grips with the PS3’s processor now and are learning how to make it do lots of clever stuff, so visually at least things are likely to get better over the next couple of years or so.

  • Tom

    of course it woul.d The PS3 requires cleaner code then the Xbox. Runs well on both. Unlike Xbox. reads lazy, dirty code that runs bad on other systems. Multiplats would fair much better on both consoles if the PS3 was the lead platform.

    Dont forget, the Xbox version will still have compressed video and audio.