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Final Fantasy XIII: Xbox 360 and PS3 run speeds are equal.

We have some news which is sure to please the millions of Xbox 360 owners out there, as a recent first impressions report on the Xbox 360 build of Final Fantasy XIII has concluded that there doesnt appear to be any differences from the Playstation 3 version.

As reported from VG247, 1UP has the first impressions, and they have stated and I quote: ‘Final Fantasy XIII runs ‘just’ as smoothly on 360 as it does on PS3′.

Their impressions were not from a direct side-by side audio and video comparison though, but rather from a divided kiosk separating the two builds.

Until we hear of a direct comparison with detailed analysis, maybe we shouldnt read too much into this, but early signs are good for Xbox 360 users.

Let us know your thoughts on this guys.



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