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Rogers BlackBerry Outage 17th January: Is it Acceptable?

If you own a BlackBerry handset you may have been frustrated with the recent BlackBerry outages, we have recently heard that another outage will be taking place on the 17th of January.

According to a recent article posted on PhonesReview BlackBerry BIS and BES systems will be down for Rogers customers, this will be the case between 02:00AM EDT and 06:00AM EDT, this is to carry out maintenance.

BIS and BES stand for ‘BlackBerry Internet Service’ and ‘BlackBerry Enterprise Server’, when these are both down it will result in a wide-range of services being un-available, these services may include browsing the Internet, sending and receiving Emails and perhaps sending and receiving text messages.

One good thing about this maintenance is that it will take place at a reasonable time, lets just hope there are no problems encountered when carrying out the maintenance. For further details check out PhonesReview.

Is this downtime acceptable? Personally I think it is a little frustrating, however it would be unreasonable not to allow your carrier to undertake maintenance, which in the long-run is for its users.



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