Audi, NVIDIA and Google Earth: A8 with 3G MMI

The Multi Media Interface, or MMI used by Audi has gone through a number of transitions since its launch back in 2004. Back then it was only in its basic form, but the German automaker has been partnering with some big players in the technology business to offer us a new 3G MMI version. The new and improved system will come with NVIDIA technology and Google Earth software.

The graphics supplied by NVIDIA will offer a great boost to the system, which was on show at last weeks CES 2010 show. It was installed on the dash of a 2011 Audi A8, and Autoblog were shocked to see the system with integrated Google Earth technology.

Audi are known for offering quality built vehicles, while NVIDIA are known for offering some of the best graphics on the market, so it was inevitable that the two would come together. We are told that the new 3G Multi Media Interface is smooth and seamless when exploring the system, the system offers great detail when zooming in close, thanks to a little help from Google.

Not much has changed to the interface in this new version, but it is not about that. We have been told that Audi will get rid of the joystick control and replace it with a small touchpad. We are not sure how easy it will be to control, but it will certainly look much better.

For images and a more detailed look at the new system visit Autoblog.



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