AT&T Motorola Backflip: Possible AT&T Release Date

By Jamie Pert - Jan 14, 2010

Details regarding the release of the Motorola Backflip have been extremely scarce, however details regarding an AT&T launch have recently emerged on Cnet.

According to a recent article posted on Cnet it seems that the unique Motorola handset will become available from AT&T on March 7th, this has not yet been confirmed, but is looking likely.

Pricing details are not confirmed yet either, however sources believe that that handset will cost $324 outright, therefore a subsidized price of $100 seems pretty likely.

Another source has suggested that AT&T have ordered 400,000 Backflips, with the potential of more being ordered, these figures suggest that AT&T predict big things for the handset.

As we hear more regarding the Motorola Backflip we will try to keep you posted, for more details check out Cnet.

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