Tiger Woods and Free Cadillacs: Recession not Scandal

Tiger Woods had a deal with General Motors who would supply him with free Cadillacs. However, the deal with the Buick brand ended in 2008, but the automaker still allowed him to keep a number of vehicles. One of those was the Cadillac Escalade that he crashed in Florida.

Golfer, Tiger Woods still had a number of free vehicles in his garage including SUV’s and a Buick Enclave crossover, which he was still allowed to use personally. GM finally put a stop to the deal on December 31, a Buick spokeswoman said, “The agreement was in place before the crash.”

So those of us who think that it was to do with the scandal would be wrong, if we were to believe what Buick tell us, then it has something to do with the financial climate. However, I would disagree, Buick were happy to have Woods driving around in one of its vehicles, but since he has lost bankability, it is no longer in their interest.

All vehicles have now been returned to General Motors, according to USA Today, the crashed Escalade will be repaired and then sold on. We wonder if we will see the SUV appear on eBay?

Why do you thing that GM and Buick ended the deal with Tiger Woods, was it due to the recession or the scandal?



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