Project Natal Release Price: Expectations and details

By Peter Chubb - Jan 13, 2010

Earlier this month Microsoft announced that Project Natal for its Xbox 360 games console would be released later thin year. However, during his keynote speech at CES 2010, Steve Ballmer did not give any details on its price.

Expectations are high on this latest gadget for the much-loved Xbox 360, but how much would you be willing to pay. There has been a number of rumors surrounding its pricing, with $80 looking the most likely, but would you pay that price?

During the keynote, Microsoft shared with us some new video footage and also went into more detail about its motion controller. So many questions were still left unanswered, such as how the device actually works. Come on Microsoft give us something to digest.

We mentioned in a post this morning that 70 to 80 percent of game publishers are now working on Natal based games; this means that when the new device for the Xbox 360 console is released there will be plenty of games to choose from.

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  • Guest

    I would pay up to $1000.00

  • mike

    if natal meets all its expectations i'd pay up to 150-200 USD for it. i paid that much for rock band beatles… this is definitely worth it

  • Anthony Burke

    I would expect to pay £80 (GBP) and would be willing to pay this. I think 80US would be a steal but i really cant see it being that cheap even a year after release.