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Nexus One review over 5-pages

If you have been looking for a decent Nexus One review you may want to check out ArsTechnica, their Nexus One review is one of the most extensive we have seen and is over 5-pages long.

Their review looks into many aspect of the handsets, these aspects include unboxing, hardware, the camera, the software, voice input, Google Voice, E-Mail, apps, performance, multitasking and battery life.

A few things stand-out for me, one of these is just how good the photo quality is when using the handset’s camera, also the performance of the handset appears to be far greater than the iPhone 3GS and Palm Pre, the Nexus One scored the best scores on every benchmark (with the exception of a few website load-times).

ArsTechnica are extremely impressed with the Google Nexus One, they regard the handset as the best smartphone on the market for general use, one problem is the lack of accessories, however I’m sure that will be resolved soon.

Be sure to check out ArsTechnica’s fully detailed review.



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